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The Taste Place is a group blog serving up food and drink recipes, reviews, tips, techniques, and experiences.

Three generations of Robledos, making tamales
Three generations of Robledos, at our annual holiday tamale party

It was started by me, Colleen Robledo, a web developer/librarian and big time foodie from Orange County, California. I was raised in a family of foodies. Most of us are excellent cooks who love to experiment with new dishes and spend quality time together conversing over good food and good drink. Food isn’t just “food” to us. It’s part of our family traditions, and a means through which our generations bond.

I am fortunate to have found love with a fellow foodie, my boyfriend Jeff.  Jeff and I don’t actually dine out too often.  We just really enjoy cooking in the kitchen together, and we make really good stuff!  But we do venture out occasionally, picking our eateries and watering holes with care.

Over the last few years, I have racked up some pretty serious foodie friends, too.

So, instead of just exchanging our recipes and suggestions via email, I thought we should take it to the next level and make our discoveries available online, to share with friends, family, and anyone else who shares our interest in good food and good drink.

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