RGB Roasted Red Pepper Soup

We made Kim’s Roasted Red Pepper Puree Soup!


This Thanksgiving, Jeff and I continued our tradition of including a homemade soup to include in the dishes we provide at each year’s holiday feast.  Since we made our friend Kim’s excellent roasted tomato soup for Thanksgiving 2008 dinner with my family, and we were planning to make Emeril Lagasse’s broccoli cheese soup for our second 2009 Thanksgiving dinner (the Saturday after Thanksgiving, with the kids and Jeff’s parents), Jeff and I decided to try out Kim’s equally tasty roasted red pepper puree soup.

The original blog post shows a picture of the final product.  This post simply shows our step-by-step photos.

Kim and Barry served this soup at a beautiful dinner party they hosted for a small group of friends this year, so Jeff and I were already big fans when we chose it as as an accompaniment to the lavish Tanksgiving feast we enjoyed at my parents’ home.  But neither of us had ever roasted and peeled bell peppers before.  So, this would be a new culinary adventure for us.

The soup proved to be a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner, just as it had been at Kim and Barry’s Valentines dinner.

Because we’re such novices at roasting vegetables, Jeff and I misread Kim’s original recipe.  We mistook the “flesh” (the meaty pulp of the pepper) for the “skin” (the outer layer of the pepper).  And we mistakenly oiled, seasoned, and started roasting our peppers with the pulp side up instead of the protective skin side up.  One quick text message to Kim (at her family’s Thanksgiving dinner) confirmed our fear, we had it backwards, or in our case, wrong side up.  We immediately turned the peppers over (skin side up), seasoned the skin, and finished (successfully) roasted our peppers skin side up.

Word to the wise, do a we say, not as we show.  Our step-by-step pictures show us incorrectly starting to roast the flesh side up.

And definitely give this tasty soup a try!

Cut the tops of your bell peppers.
red-pepper-puree (2)
Then quarter them.
red-pepper-puree (3)
Discard the bell pepper's seeds and veins.
red-pepper-puree (4)
Lay the peppers skin side up on an oiled cookie sheet (NOTE: We did this wrong, flesh side up. Lay them the other way, skin side up).
red-pepper-puree (5)
Brush the skin with oil, then salt and pepper. (NOTE: We did this wrong, flesh side up. Turn them over, skin side up).
red-pepper-puree (6)
Broil until the skin turns black. (NOTE: These are now right side up, skin side up. We caught them in time to save them!).
red-pepper-puree (7)
Remove peppers from cookie sheet.
red-pepper-puree (8)
Place on plates, in a single layer.
red-pepper-puree (9)
Freeze for 15 minutes.
red-pepper-puree (10)
Peel and discard skin.
red-pepper-puree (11)
You should be left with a pile of yummy roasted peppers!
red-pepper-puree (12)
Toss away the blackened skins.
red-pepper-puree (13)
Chop into 1 to 2 inch cubes.
red-pepper-puree (14)
Saute carrots, celery and onion in the oil and melted butter.
red-pepper-puree (15)
Add garlic and thyme.
red-pepper-puree (16)
Your veges should look like this.
red-pepper-puree (17)
Add the tomato paste and bay leaf.
red-pepper-puree (19)
Add chicken broth and simmer. Remove bay leaf when done.
red-pepper-puree (20)
Add the peppers, then soft boil.
red-pepper-puree (21)
Puree with a hand-held immersion blender.
red-pepper-puree (23)
Your finished soup should look like this!


  1. yes, yes, YES! PERFECT! Thank you thank you thank you for doing a how-to, since I'm not providing the how-tos on my own blog. THANK YOU!

    Lovely soup, ain't it?

    Whatcha gonna make for your 2010 T-day soup???

  2. Rachel Altman

    Have you ever tried adding sweet potato in with the veggies? I find it makes it a little bit thicker, perfect for a cold winter evening!

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