TTP Favorite Recipes of 2011

Our Most Popular Recipes Of 2011


Yep, it’s time for that mandatory year-end post highlighting our most popular recipes of 2011, based on the number of page views (total and unique) racked up between January 1 and December 31, 2011. Paula Deen, pork and slow cookers seem to be the theme.

If these recipes are new to you, give them a try! If they are now part of your culinary repretoire, continue enjoying!

We look forward to introducing you to more of our favorite recipes in 2012!

Baked Pecan Praline French Toast

1. Paula Deen’s Pecan Praline Baked French Toast

  • Published: February 13, 2011
  • Weight Watchers: Don’t bother

A delicious decadent dish that combines french toast with good ol’ southern pecan praline. A bit decadent for an average weekend breakfast, but perfect for holidays and special occasions. Can be made overnight your guests.

Smoked Pork Tenderloin

2. Jeff’s Smoked Pork Tenderloin

  • Published: January 25, 2011
  • Weight Watchers: 5-6 PointsPlus per serving.

Pork tenderloin is one of the very easiest and tastiest things you can do on a smoker, and there are many rubs, marinades, and sauces you can play with to customize it to your own tastes! Our method ensures a perfect pink smoke ring every time!

Slowcooker Ham and 16 Bean Soup

3. Slow Cooker Ham and Mixed Bean Soup

  • Published: January 1, 2011
  • Weight Watchers: 4 PointsPlus per serving

This is one of the first soups I ever made for my husband, and it remains a favorite of both of ours. Just like I remember Mom making, but with the added convenience of a slow cooker. The perfect way to stretch that leftover ham bone and bits of leftover ham into a hearty additional meal.

Slow Cooker Pork Loin Roast

4. Mom’s Super Easy Crockpot Pork Roast

  • Published March 9, 2011
  • Weight Watchers: 6 PointsPlus per serving

A super easy, super yummy slow cooker roast recipe from Jeff’s mom, that easily feeds a hungry family for a couple meals. Made with anything from a beef rump roast to a pork loin roast, it is sure to please with very little effort.

Paula Deen White Chicken Chili

5. Paula Deen’s White Chicken Chili

  • Published: March 24, 2011
  • Weight Watchers: 6 PointsPlus per serving

A delicious healthy hearty chili dish with lean chicken, white beans, and green chilies. Perfect for weekend game day, or for a busy day at work. Easily stretch a couple meals out of this.

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