Smoked Breakfast Sausages
Recipe type: Breakfast, Brunch
Serves: Varies
Weight Watchers Info: PointsPlus Value & serving size vary by brand; calculate according to the package nutrition label. Farmer John Pork Links (4 PointsPlus for 2), Farmer John Original Links (3 PointsPlus for 2), Jimmy Dean Turkey Links (3 PointsPlus for 3), Jimmy Dean Pork Links (5-8 PointsPlus for 3), Johnsonville Breakfast Links (6 PointsPlus for 3).
  • 2 to 200 Cased Breakfast Sausage Links (Johnsonville, Jimmy Dean, Farmer John’s or whatever)
  1. Pre-heat smoker (with water pan) to 225-250
  2. Add sausage links to grill, laying across the grates, ensuring there is at least a half inch of space between each one.
  3. Add 2-3 wood chunks (hickory, apple, pecan, almond) or a foil packet of wood chips to the charcoal.
  4. Smoke between 2-3 hours, until the meat reaches a temperature of 160 degrees with a probe, or until you feel they are thoroughly cooked (I refuse to be held responsible for any deaths resulting from undercooked sausage).
  5. Serve or save for later!
If your sausages are thin, and your grates are wide, and you are afraid you sausages might fall through, put aluminum foil over the grate and slice venting holes between the grates. This will allow the smoke and heat to penetrate, but keep the sausage from falling. You can also use a grill grid for this. If you use the off-set firebox style smoker, you may want to rotate your sausages halfway through cooking, as the sausages closer to the firebox will cook faster than those further from the firebox. That’s what I did in the pictures above, where you can see the more cooked sausages have already been moved away from the hottest part of the smoker.
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