A First Look At The New Evernote Food App For iPhone

I have used Evernote for about 2-1/2 years to archive and organize recipes across all of my computing devices (I’ll do a post on that exact process and set-up later).  So when I read this morning that Evernote today release a dedicated iPhone food app, I did not initially see any value in it. My curiousity got the better of me, however, so I played with Evernote Food quite a bit during my “foodie” breaks for coffee, at lunch, and again this evening.

According to Evernote, the app “…is all about preserving the experiences, thoughts and memories that accompany food.” It’s supposed to help us save information about what we eat, find related notes in our existing Evernote library, share that info and accompanyihng photos with our friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.  I already do all of that…with the regular Evernote, with Facebook, with Twitter, and with this food blog.

After just a day on Evernote Food, I’m not sold on the app, but I will give it at least a month or so just to be fair — as a foodie, techie and Evernote nerd.  Following are my initial findings.


  • The Twitter sharing functionality helpfully includes a photo (hosted on Photobucket) geo-tagged (if turned on) with a comment and a link to your public Evernote record.  Oddly, it displays two links though (kind of ugly): one to the Twitter/Photobucket photo link, and one to your public Evernote record link.
  • The app can pull from, or add to, my existing Tag library on my regular Evernote account.
  • The app syncs with one of my existing Notebooks on my regular Evernote account.
  • I can choose from among 3 different photo sizes in the app Settings (applies to all new photos). This is handy if you’re concerned about file size and disk space in your Evernote account.


  • No “Syncronize now” button in the iPhone app, like there is in the regular Evernote iPhone app. When testing editing existing Food notes, I have to wait for the Evernote server to auto-sync with the app.
  • No editable Date field, and it only stores the date the record was created. This is an issue with folks (like me), who already have a bunch of food pictures in their iPhone photo library, and would like to now add those items to Evernote Food. I don’t care about the date my Evernote Food record was created; I care about the date on which I cooked and/or ate that particular dish.
  • Cannot edit the note Title in Evernote desktop or web (I can only edit Tags). You have to go back into the seperate Evernote Food app to change the Title.
  • Cannot delete a Food note.  I find no way to delete an existing record from within the Food app. Yet when I open that record in my Evernote library and delete it, that change does not appear to get pushed to Evernote Food.
  • The Facebook sharing feature is horrid. It simply posts a link (using your Evernote Food note Title) on your personal Facebook wall — no pretty engaging thumbnail like on Twitter. Why on earth would any of my friends be tempted to click on that link?
  • The Related Notes feature is not helpful at all.  It seems to be pulling regular Evernote notes created around the same time, instead of pulling notes that share common Tags (i.e., by course, cuisine or ingredient).

Have you tried out the new app yet?  What are your thoughts?

If you’re not already using Evernote, does an app like this make you more interested in trying Evernote?

Evernote Food iPhone

My first entry! The geo-tag is not my real address, I simply wanted to see what would happen if I typed in "Home".

Evernote Food iPhone

Notice that there's no Date field, not good if you're entering old food photos (not taken with your current date).

Evernote Food iPhone

Since Evernote Food must sync with an existing Evernote notebook, I created a dedicated "Meals" notebook in my regular Evernote library.

Evernote iPhone

Evernote Food lacks the critical "Synchronize now" feature available in the normal Evernote app for iPhone.

Evernote Food iPhone

I can't find any way to delete that 2nd duplicate (mis-titled) photo.

Evernote Food iPhone

The Related Notes feature displays some very odd choices from my Evernote library -- including items that have nothing to do with food.

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