French Dipped Sandwiches at Philippe’s: A Los Angeles culinary tradition

Philippe's in LAOther than a good close USC Trojans football game (with a Trojan victory, of course), few things in this world turn my dad into a giddy happy little kid again.  A french dipped (double-dipped) roast beef sandwich from Philippe’s is one of those things.  My dad acts like a kid in a candy store at just the mention of Philippe’s.

This iconic downtown Los Angeles eatery is one of my dad’s boyhood favorites.  So, for Father’s Day this year, we treated Dad to two of his favorite childhood places — the Natural History Museum, followed by dinner at Philippe’s.

Philippe's in LA

The simple delicious menu and low prices have kept Philippe's in business for over 100 years, still accepting only cash for payment.

Philippe’s, pronounced by some with a French-sounding name and others with a Mexican-sounding name, was founded in 1908 and claims to be the birthplace of the french dipped sandwich.  Anyone who has ever lived or worked in or near LA has heard of Philippe’s.  The place stays packed, and rightly so.

The roast beef is thinly sliced and tender, combined with a tasty au jus (my preference is double-dipped)  to make the perfect sandwich (enhanced with their famous spicy mustard) — for just $6.00.  We fed an entire family of eight hungry eaters for just $64.00, including sides and drinks.

Philippe's in LA

The lines (cash only) are long, but do move quite fast. Do your fellow diners a favor by knowing exactly what you want by the time you reach the counter.

If you haven’t had the privilege of enjoying one of Philippe’s french dipped sandwiches, this great little video will help key you into the popularly and lore behind this landmark restaurant.

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