Feasting on Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine at the Seafood Cove in Little Saigon


Seafood Cove


Our dinner hosts Kim and Barry inspect their live lobster selection for our dinner.

Almost one year ago, Hubby and I started a monthly dinner club with two of our close (and fortunately, fellow foodie) friends — Kim and Barry over at the Rustic Garden Bistro.

Both of us couples maintain busy schedules, and we’d hit a point where we just couldn’t seem to find time to ever get together and go out.  Both couples longingly follow each other’s culinary explorations, and we both cook way more food than just two people can should humanly consume.

So, we decided to fix this problem…by killing two birds with one stone.  We each host dinner every other month, usually cooking at home (the guest couple brings the booze), and usually themed.  But twice now we have ventured out to good local eateries, as a result of the host couple being too slammed at work, or sick, to go through the chore of cleaning house in time for our double date.

Last month (Feburary) was Kim and Barry’s month to host.  Because Chinese New Year fell in Feburary this year.  And because Vietnamese Tet fell in February this year.  And because Kim is Asian (Vietnamese).  And because I like themes (hey, I’m a Colleen, so I took March for St. Paddy’s Day).

The initial plan was for Kim to prepare a traditional Vietnamese menu for us earlier that month.  But, she ended up really sick for weeks, so she and Barry decided to just take us out to dinner in Little Saigon after Kim was felling better.

Seafood Cove

Seafood Cove Chinese Restaurant located at 8547 Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove, California. Parking gets packed!

Our destination? Seafood Cove Chinese Restaurant in Garden Grove, California.

Chinese? But, Kim said she was taking us out for Vietnamese.  According to Kim and the restaurant’s website, Seafood Cove serves both Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.  Kim told us that anytime her family gets together to celebrate a birthday or special occasion, they do so at this restaurant.

Seafood Cove

First course: Pan Fried Fish.

The restaurant is very unpretensious, but is obviouslly very highly regarded.  Parking was really tight, and the place was packed…even on a Sunday night.

Seafood Cove

Second course: Vietnamese hot and sour seafood hot pot.

Kim, of course, ordered for us.  She and Barry treated us to one of the family style meals, with a couple extras thrown in.  We ordered so much food, that they had to move us to a larger table.  I can’t tell you what the bill came too, because Barry and Kim graciously treated us, but prices are listed on the menu on their website.  And Kim warned us that if we ever dined here alone, not to tip more than 10% (it’s a Vietnamese thing, she said).

Seafood Cove

Peking style (fried) pork chop.

The food?  Oh my.  Incredible.  Positively incredible.  Aside from the soup and perhaps the clams, not a single thing on our table was even remotely Weight Watchers-friendly.  But everything was oh so worth it!  Jeff and I both picked the house special fried lobster as a our favorite dish, but the rest all came in a close second.  I could eat the fried fish and the clam dish every day of my life.

Seafood Cove

Pepper and salt fried shrimp.

Seafood Cove

Claims with mint leaves and hot sauce.

Seafood Cove

The pièce de résistance: House special fried lobster.


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    So happy you guys enjoyed your “Vietnamese” family-style dining experience!!! The lobster is also my favorite. My second-favorite is the Peking pork chops. ALWAYS had to have that as a kid.

    And you’re right – none of it is WW friendly. Now you see why I have a problem??!?!?!?

    Looking forward to St. Paddy’s Day dinner at your place. :)


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